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展覧会場 2005


    ■ "onewordmovie"
    ■ Philippe Zimmermann, Beat Brogle (Swiss)

    ■ Akihiro Kubota 's comment

    It seems that of the post-activism era is returning to "algorithm" and "database" which are the origins of digital expressions.
    Processing power of portable laptop computers exceeds the throughput of former supercomputers.
    The present-day internet became the biggest and the most familiar database in dairy life.
    The database is material, and the algorithm is interface.
    We have to pay attention to the new quality which is produced from the quantity and speed.

    "onewordmovie <>", the grand prize of this year, is based on the minimalism of
    Minimal interface, minimal functions, minimal documentations and minimal site design...
    The enormous picture archive on the net and high speed algorithm on the machine start making the new digital movies.

    My other recommended works are as follows.
    - Confluence Project <>
    - Template Cinema <>
    - I Love You <>
    - 50 people see... <>