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展覧会場 2005


    ■ "onewordmovie"
    ■ Philippe Zimmermann, Beat Brogle (Swiss)

    ■ Rick Silva 's comment

    "one word movie"

    a real net cinema work. you become the director and scriptwriter when you
    enter your keyword. depending on your keyword your new, expanding
    experimental film may be a horror film or a porn film. you can also be the
    editor and change the speed, loops and repeats of the live net film. and
    because the web is a shifting space and images are being uploaded and
    deleted by thousands of users, the oneword movie will never be the same
    twice. my old teacher stan brakhage once said "a word is worth a thousand
    pictures" and that applies very literally to onewordmovie.


    a conceptual and political hack. as the google brand begins its quick
    takeover of all text, news, video, satellites, and your frontal lobe, they
    overlooked a loophole in their own system. like ouroburos, google may, in
    the end, eat itself. simple and brilliant.

    "confluence project"

    the confluence project is an interesting project/performance, partly because
    it is such a human invention. it requires not only the our sense of
    adventure, exploration, and storytelling, but also our sense of making order
    and systems through technology. the confluence hunters in the confluence
    project are searching out these invisible man made lines of latitude and
    longitude. they use g.p.s. units to pinpoint these 'virtual' locations,
    digital cameras to document and prove the journeys, and then the web as an
    archival and community space for the project. it's absurd and inevitable.

    "i love you"

    i love the shifting, cutting light in this project. every click and revisit
    regenerates the code, cutting the image, abstracting the message, uniting
    the aesthetics. a digital bouquet, it's painterly and ineffable.

    "fragile circus"

    haunting loops of cut up textures and fairytale lifecycles flash on the
    screen. time and sound lead us through this surreal short story.