展覧会場 2006


    ■ "soundtransit"
    ■ Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon (The Netherland)


    Congrats to soundtransit for winning this year's Project Net.Arts award. I am really impressed with the way it tags the present via its metaphorical visualization of the transitory nature of data, in this case conceived as sound, being ported through the networked space of flows.

    There were many other excellent works that could have been awarded the prize this year, but the total package of soundtransit best fit our theme this year, particularly the way it uses the network to "intersubjectively jam with" (tag) the data, its playful, time-tripping execution, and its self-conscious manipulation of the very geographical boundaries it utilizes to complete the work! Great sounds too :)

    I would also like to acknowledge Postsecrets as an Honorable Mention. This is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and for good reason. The site showcases the emotional depth of the collective hive mind that sparks life into this dehumanizing process of interactivity we all engage in. Is that last statement self-contradictory? Or does it reveal something about myself that I'm not sharing with you? Maybe my anonymous answer is at Postsecret, in cryptic form.

    Mark Amerika