展覧会場 2006


    ■ "soundtransit "
    ■ Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon (The Netherland)


    derek holzer

    Derek Holzer


    sara kolster

    Sara Kolster


    marc boon

    Marc Boon


    Soundtransit is very pleased to accept the Netarts.Org prize. We have always envisioned Soundtransit as a global soundscaping project, and with recognition from a Japanese museum we hope that further participation from Japan will naturally follow. It is interesting for us that a Graphic Arts museum chooses to recognize a primarily sound-based work, and this reaffirms for us that the distinctions between artistic disciplines, and the presumed "visual" tag which precedes the phrase "fine arts", will soon become irrelevant as new media artists continue to consider their message foremost and to consider the technique (and technologies) used to deliver that message to be fluid, flexible and often transparent. Soundtransit would like to thank the 253 current participants as well as our future participants for creating such a rich site with the simple framework we provided. We would also like to thank the Digitale Pioniers, the Waag Society for Old and New Media, Ines Gall, Carsten Stabenow and Menno van den Bergh for their support of the project. And finally we would like to thank the memory of Gerard van Dongen, a brilliant audio programmer who passed away within a year of the site's launch.

    The Soundtransit team
    Derek Holzer
    Sara Kolster
    Marc Boon

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