展覧会場 2007


    ■ "FERAL TRADE "
    ■ Kate Rich (Australia)

    ■ is the electronic track of an embodied praxis. It's an artistic gesture that crosses physical and electronic networks., through the commerce of selected goods creates a virtuous circuit between different spaces. It also creates an economic network, a network of exchange, which is the most important background on which artistic, social and cultural realities can develop. Practices alternatives to what we already know need a fertile soil to grow and is a well-constructed example of what a living background can be. gives shape to a vision and it's, at the same time, deeply rooted in reality, for all this reasons I think that it deserves this year the prize. is a firefox plugin that everyone should install on his/her own computer. It makes you aware of which are the "real costs" of your travels by airplane. It shows you home much CO2 is going to be released by your reservation with flight companies. It's a perfect example of a practice that should be brought back to everyday life as we often do a lot of things online without really understanding which are the consequences of our choices in the real world.

    Agnese Trocchi