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    The " 2007" Grand Prize was chosen by our Selection Committee. Mark Amerika, Suzan Hazan, Agnese Trocchi and You Minowa from the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts. The theme this year is "Embodied Praxis - Real Life 2.0."

    This year, the six members of the selection committee nominated totaly 31 net.arts, and Machida City Museum accepted 44 net.arts from 16 countries (Open Nomination System).

    They selected the " 2007 grand prize," and seven honourable mentions. The winner of the grand prize will be given 200,000yhen as a prize fee.

    The members of the selection committee
    Mark Amerika
    Susan Hazen
    Agnese Trocchi
    John Hopkins
    You Minowa


    grand prize honorable mentions
    selection committee