■ "conch "
    ■ Yoshiyuki Katayama (Japan)

    What strikes in this project is simplicity and beauty. is simple, and it shows us reality from a very simple perspective. Footsteps, stones, rain and sunrays. Simple things organized in a poetic structure using flash language. shows us the patterns of nature and it does it in a very simple way. It underlines the poetry hiding in these patterns. deserves the Grand Prize this year for reminding us that the Ghost in the Machine is alive and it's everywhere, especially in our eyes, and not just in the machine.

    Let's get lost in the ocean of faces on the web. The clues to find our way are few lines for facial recognition. The project triggers the fascination of an encyclopedia of human beings. The simple idea of searching on flicker whatever face may have the same features of Ethan's face give us a chance to navigate in the endless sea of people that the Internet contains as a treasure.
    I suggest to everyone to astray in Ethan's project. You can discover that everyone can be Ethan and we can be everyone.
    This project is amazing. There is nothing to navigate except from the Internet itself, but it’s an upset Internet. It just says "No". But no to what? This is the question. Does it say no to our inattentive visits? Or to the load of trash and adds that every day is being uploaded and downloaded? Or to hidden practices of data mining and control through social software? Or maybe it does say no to censorship… Maybe we should reflect on these topics: if the internet today says NO tomorrow it may go on strike...

    clouds of clouds
    The utopian idea of an archive of clouds seems to become real in this project. In fact what makes it real is the Internet itself. The Internet, due to web 2.0 is slowly becoming an archive of everything. Using Clouds of Clouds in every moment is possible to create a cloud made of pictures of clouds found online. Every cloud of clouds is then collected in an archive of clouds. How far can we go? “Clouds of Clouds” organizes data in a very poetic way and sweep our minds away in a spiral of patterns.

    Agnese Trocchi