■ "conch "
    ■ Yoshiyuki Katayama (Japan)

    ■ is a very deserving winner of this year's Project Net.Arts award.

    The work is at times serene, cinematic, and humorous. Even if it sounds
    like a cliche, entering its borders is like crossing into another
    psychogeographical territory. It is a state of mind animated by the flash
    of creative scripting.

    Images take you on trips at once familiar but oddly situated in net space
    making you feel like you are being let inside a confidential secret that
    contains the key to unlocking the dream of our universal condition. Most
    of all, it is a sheer pleasure to experience this work.

    We have also awarded three honorable mentions. One of the works,
    thedisagreeinginternet, is a simple yet elegant negation of our
    hypermediated time spent in cyberspace.

    Congrats to all of the award winners.

    Mark Amerika