High Tech Digital Fine Art


Sizes: 210x297 mm. Print: inkjet, 300-720 dpi, 4096 x 3072 - 10240 x 7680 (or more) pixels.
Medium: Premium Glossy Paper or Back Print Film. Colors: up to 300,000 different colors.
Printmaster:The Author Konstantin Vassilev;
Limited Editions: 112 signed& numbered prints (12 authors` proofs).

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Digital Fine Art

Konstantin is a pioneer in the field of digital fine arts. Computers, his great love, are not only science to him. He works on the computer the way traditional artists have been working with paintbrush for ages. With his digital painting Konstantin is leading us away from our busy everyday life, full of anxiety to a new magical and lively world, which is so surprisingly unreal and at the same time seems quite familiar to us. This is the reason he deliberately avoids using the lifeless effects of Photorealism, as well as the confusing extraterrestrial impression of fractals. His pictures, various of style, always try to find a way to the delicate spirituality of the audience and awake its own bright and vivid imagination.