"Illaminations" by Sawad Brooks + Beth Stryker (U.S.A.)
"XX-planation" by Junko Suzuki (Japan)
"Spirals" by Zoltan Halmos (Hungary)
"Open Sesami. (Gallery)" by Rie Taki (Japan)
"Another Title" by Marzenna Furmaniuk-Donajski (Poland)
"Soft Hands" by Eric Dymond (Canada)
"X" by Heath Bunting (United Kingdom)
"Adumbrate 1" by David Anjo (Canada)
"The four seasons in Japan" by Takayoshi Nakamura (Japan)
"Catalogue C.G." by Naoki Wakabayashi, supported by CG-ARTS Society (Japan)
"Yes I..." by Taka Soyama (Japan)
"All there is to see" by Cary Peppermint (U.S.A.)
"How to make the Japanese Flute?" by Syoji Yamaguchi (Japan)
"Mood Creation as a Whim" by Dave Sag (Australia)
"Cori" by I. Quanna Hyong Paik (Japan)
"Paper Model Kit - Anne Frank -" by Ai Shimizu (Japan)
"Untitled - 1" by formic.acid (U.S.A.)
"Touch Talisman" by S. Murakami (Japan)
"Konstantin's Digital Fine Art Gallery" by Konstantin Vassilev (Bulgaria)
"It seems..." by Cloud Commission (Russia)
"Cross-Section" by Tom Coffin (U.S.A.)
"Here we come" by S. Kinosita (Japan)
"Open it" by Akira Sasaki (Japan)
"Flicker Light Studio (The Repasky Homepage)" by Tom Repasky (U.S.A.)
"Self Portrait" by Mayumi Kimura (Japan)
"Jungle Grass" by Hiroaki Watabe (Japan)