Japan in Future

Large Page View:
Faster microprocessor version (Pentium Micropocessor), SoundBlaster card required

[ Go to Smaller Page Version : 486 Microprocessor, 100Mhz at least ]


  • Right click to change the Viewpoints to some interesting views.
    [ Change the Viewpoint to The Camera, Top View,
    Left Side View, Right Side View and you will hear different
    music effect ]

  • Place over the mouse on the buildings
    to perform The Music

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Tel/Fax: (+359 2) 59 33 22

VRML Concept and Cesign: Japan in Future, Copyright (c) 1997, Konstantin Vassilev.
Digital Misic: A Japanese vioce from the future. Copyright (c) 1997, Konstantin Vassilev.
Digital Fine Art: Japan Butterfly. Copyright (c) 1997, Konstantin Vassilev.

Last Modified: July 07, 1997 14:18