Since 1995, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK), has been sponsoring the world's first Internet art and web contents open competition, "Art on the Net," exploring the potentials of the Internet as a medium of art.

Twenty countries were represented in the "Art on the Net 2000 -- Parody," and the prizes went to Russian and German artists. In the past six years since its first show, "Art on the Net 1995," over 500 entries have been submitted and artists from 40 countries have participated.

Net art entries in each show reflected the cutting-edge technology of that time. We believe it has been presenting a completely new status of art created at the the crossroads of art history, technology and the society.

The theme of the 7th "Art on the Net 2001" is "Post-Cagian Interactive Sounds ." We had over 120 entries by the artists from 21 countries.

Winners will beannounced on November 25, 2001.