Leonardo's flight


Although the events of 6/11 did affect the final result of Leonardo's flight, the first sketches where already made in spring 2001. What definitely changed, is the way we experience flying itself.
One could say flying has always been the ultimate feeling of being free of gravitation and in a more metaphorically sense, an image of liberty.
Leonardo's flight is an investigation of this metaphoric image.
Click on the polaroid to engage your flight.

leonardo's flight

Leonardo's flight has seven scenes all headed by a flying exercise.

System requirements

The shockwave 8 plugin and speakers or headphone. Be shure you have turned up the sound volume.

About the author

Michiel Knaven studied violin and photography in the 80's and works and lives in Holland. In the nineties he started working with computers, had his first netart works online in 1996 and produced in 1998 his first cd-rom called "nachtmusik 6". Since 1993 he is working on a longtime project called "a polyphonic chronicle" in which he records an imaginary journey within the fields of music and visual arts.
A portfolio containing all works - virtual and nonvirtual -, exhibitions and bio can be find here.