Art on the Net 2002 made a call for entry under the theme "9.11" ("Call for entry by the sponsor"). What made this year's project different was we asked all participating artists to judge the works, exchange comments/opinions and decide on the winners themselves, instead by pre-assigned jurors in the previous years ("Application procedure").

Entries were made between June 15 and September 20, 2002. Eliminating the works that did not meet the conditions set from a total of 100 works entered, 70 works made to the mutual judging ("Judging/Voting procedure"/"Judging/Sponsors' comments for voting") and "Discussions" between October 1 and October 20, 2002.

In the voting, which was held along with the discussion, 55 out of 70 artists voted (voting rate 78.5%) and the following is the ballot outcome:

Andrey Velikanov --- 22

Eryk Salvaggio --- 20

jimpunk --- 19

Ali Miharbi --- 18

Kristen Palana --- 14

Judith Villamayor --- 14

antonio mendoza --- 14

Eduardo Navas --- 11

Jody Zellen --- 10

T Scarpino --- 10

(top 10 artists)

Andrey Velikanov won the Grand Prize of "Art on the Net 2002." All 55 artists who voted would be part of the exhibition of "Art on the Net 2002." Comments by participating artists for the exhibition can be viewed online.