"Mythic Hybrid"

Prema Murthy


Mythic Hybrid is inspired by my interest in women working in microelectronics factories. Upon my research, I came across reports of collective hallucination and mass hysteria occurring among women factory workers.

In 2001, I traveled to India to continue my research and investigate these reports. What I found along the way was contrary to expectations - a group of sane, rational women with identities constructed by a set of complex social and psychological factors.

This project uses the term "mythic hybrid" in a critical way. It was coined by Donna Haraway over 10 years ago in her "Cyborg Manifesto," to invoke an imagination of fictions and feminisms that dreams "not of a common language, but of a powerful infidel heteroglossia." Since then, how far has cyberfeminism taken us?" (from "about" on the "Mythic Hybrid")