Some Unique Archives (DeeDee Halleck)


"The Field Museum Sounds from the Vaults." Web designer Marc Anthony Fernandez and Gloria Marti constructed an interactive site which places the sounds ...


Barcelona/Marrekesh artist Toni Serra has collected a group of films from military industrial footage, psychological test training and television advertisments. These form the basis for a DVD called The Babylon Archives. He has also streamed them on the web at...


Carrie McLaren, editor of the magazine, Stay Free (, put together an exhibit of illegal art which includes a remake of Teletubbies with Bush as the Sun, sending down missles on the happy rabbits; Negativelands' look at the Little Mermaid and Phil Patiris' classic send up of the first Gulf War.


Richard Prelinger has collected over 200,000 films which he catagorizes as "ephemeral": industrial films, commercials, union promotion spots, etc. He donated many of them to the Library of Congress in 2002. Many of these films are available streamed at high resolution (and lower formats) on line at: mit=100&sort=title&submit=yes&collection=prelinter&searchAll=yes or


NASA has posted a site especially dedicated to their crashes.


Bombs with cameras. NATO's Kosovo site.