"The 320x240 VJ Convention"

Multimedia Institut - mi2


the 320x240 VJ convention http://www.320x240.org here on this beautiful island of vis in croatia.

there are around 100 youthful + bright imps reconceiving technological circuits, filming everything that moves, teaching workshops, swimming etc ...

we have occupied the former military headquarters of the island, a camp called samogor.

our wireless network is now propogated over all of samogor, meaning that regularly when strolling in the evening under the palm trees, one stumbles over scantily clad programmers in swimming shorts, crouched on the side of the path with laptop in tow, developing scripts for various servers across europe, in the light of the moon. it makes the concept of 'office' appear extremely obsolete ;) .

there are some images online at:

the beaches: http://www.320x240.org/pix.03.htm

the town: http://www.320x240.org/pix.04.htm

the camp: http://www.320x240.org/pix.01.htm

the nightlife: http://www.320x240.org/pix.02.htm

the island itself is spectacular. the weather is perfect, and there are many friends here. its hard to get motivated to work, but we are managing to get something done ;) (Honor Harger)