"My Revolution"

Alexei Issaev

Revolution is a project in which tasks and aims should forestall the concept of aesthetical, ethical and technological realization. Revolution is a old and new language of "violence" (as old form - Russian revolution 1917 in "Battership Potemkin" of Sergeui Eisenstein, as new - informational violence).

Author of this project demonstrates violence as moment in art named "Maintling of Attraction" (Serguei Eisenstein)- It is free mantling of arbitrary chosen, independent influences (attractions), but with exact aim for the determined final subject effect.

In project "My Revolition" author shows Violence and Art-Attraction as shokc - each aggressive moment of art, that is each element of the art, which exposes the audience to sensible or psychological influence, experimentally adjusted and mathematically calculated on the definite emotional shock of the persiving. (OLga Shishko)