"National Center for Contemporary Art"

Evgeny Umansky, Irina Tchesnokova, Elena Tsvetaeva (Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Russia)


The social nature of the project is determined by the urgent issues of the real life in determining the phenomenon of tortures and executions. The intensification of contrasts in the world between the polar anthropogenous structures is getting ever faster, making wider the gap between them. On the one pole there is a functionally-machinized technogenic type of human being, on the other - primitive societies that have hardly changed for the past millenniums. The space between them is filled with a great number of ethno-confessional groups, among the number of aspects common for them being significant and expressive are attributive and ritualised tortures and executions.

Among the social aspects there could be distinguished the verification result, that is attained at the final stage of the project as statistical and representative information about the socio-cultural human activity within the event. Besides, the project is based on the conflicting dual position of a human as a Homo Sapience. On the one hand, it is the focus of cruelty, it is the most sophisticated "machine" of violence and destruction; on the other hand - it is the institution of law and protection dealing with environmental and preservation issues. (OLga Shishko)