Gordan Paunovic

Other Voices Echoes from a Warzone on air - on line by Gordan Paunovic


The radio artist and founding member of Radio B92 Gordan Paunovic did a special 100 minutes Kunstradio/ZeitTon live mix in April 1999 during the NATO bombardement on Belgrade. Paunovic worked with the following elements during the broadcast and streaming:

- A Real Audio Live Stream from Belgrade by Aleksandar Vasiljevic and Robert Klajn which included sounds picked up by a microfone hanging out of the window in Belgrade as well as loops of different sounds recorded during the bombing.

- An original recording of a 1 minute air raid alarm from Belgrade (received via Internet from Belgrade, April 1999).

- Concerto Grosso Balcanico by Arsenije Jovanovic (Kunstradio, 1993

- The diary by Jasmina Tesanovic and excerpts from the diary of Slobodan Markovic http://www.kunstradio.at/WAR/DIARY/index.html

- works specially responding to the situation in the Balkans in 1999

- Works from the B92 Archive

- Works from the Kunstradio Archive

Paunovic remixed the 100 minute Live programme for the CD "Other Voices - Echoes from a Warzone".

KUNSTRADIO & ZeitTon in collaboration with Phonotaktik, ANEM, radioqualia, B92 and many others .... (Elisabeth Zimmermann)