"protesters, police, politicians"


'protesters, police, politicians' is a study of the Summit of the Americas and accompanying anti-globalisation protests that took place in Quebec in April 2001. The dynamic 'camera' windows represent the three opposed groups (manifestants, police, politiciens), as observed by both the participants of the events and the omnipresent media, who made these the most photographed, filmed and discussed protests since the initial anti-WTO (World Trade Organization) actions in Seattle 1999. Behind the cameras, words are fractured and obscured, just as the arguments from all sides in Quebec City became lost in media overkill, reduced to meaningless soundbites and slogans.

2nd price 2003 of the annual Gangart Awards for bilingual or multilingual/ multicultural arts & culture sites on the Net were established by Austrian Australian Gerald Ganglbauer and awarded for the first time in 2001/2002. http://www.gangart.com/awards/ (Elisabeth Zimmermann)