展覧会場 2006


    ■ "soundtransit"
    ■ Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon (The Netherland)


    From the first time I visited Soundtransit I have been immediately touched by the strong feeling of open spaces that it evokes.

    Sounds leave our imagination free to visualize any space. There is something deeply beautiful and poetic in the attempt of creating an archive of sounds of different locations of the world: it lets us wonder in the dislocated present, it gives us the chance to taste places and moments of the world.

    I see the project as a working example of the fact that collaboration between different artists (all those that share their sounds recordings) can create richness and experience for everyone.

    ["agoraXchange" /Honorable Mention]

    A multi-player game to drawn a possible (better) world. A challenge to the social and philosophical basis of our violent and brutal present. I reckon that the project deserves an Honorary Mention as it is a very effective form of social/political commentary...tagging the present.

    Agnese Trocchi